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    Ayhan Keser was born in 1974 in Germany. He moved to Istanbul with his parents in 1986. In 2003, he founded his own company under the his name Ayhan Keser to design but also produce mosaic art for interior & exterior buildings. For the next 15 years he has designed and produced mosaic art projects in various purges throughout Turkey as well as in England (London), Azerbaijan (Baku), Iraq (Al Basrah). The last completed mosaic art project is located in Africa (Ethiopia) and is one of the largest railway structures in the world. He has produced mosaic designs for tunnel entry-exits and uses ethical motifs. Ayhan Keser speaks German, English and Turkish.

    Panel / Mosaic Art.

    Izmir Dokuz Eylül University

    Experimenting in Mosaic art.

    Cyprus / 2001

    Panel / Mosaic Art.

    Istanbul / 2014

    Guest of honor.

    Kuşadası / 2013

    Guest of honor.

    Istanbul / 2016

    Panel / Mosaic Art.

    Istanbul / 2015

    Art Exposition / London

    Mosaic art & Street Art

    Ayhan Keser participated at the Parallax Art Fair in London in 2016 by creating a bridge from street art to the mosaic art world.

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