A-i-A-n no1 artwork by Ayhan Keser

ayhan keser no1 aian artwork

A-i-A-n / 1


Cardboard mosaic tile art painting on cardboard.

52,5cm x 72,5cm x 3.5cm

Ayhan Keser

The birth of Aian / 1
ayhan keser aian artwork 2
ayhan keser aian artwork 3
ayhan keser aian- artwork 4
ayhan keser aian artwork 2

Name of art series : ”A-i-A-n”

Sub category : ” the birth of A-i-A-n ”

Definition: Mosaic tile art lettering ( A-i-A-n alphabet ). The shape of letters was created by re-shaping naturally broken ceramic mosaic tiles.

Year: 2018

Number of work in this art series: 4

Material : Cardboard mosaic tile art on painted cardboard.

Exhibited : Mosaic Contemporary Izmir / 2018 ( link to the exhibition )

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