Art series

2018 / 5 pieces.
Ayhan Keser artwork The 5 wishes no1

The 5 wishes 

2018 / 4 pieces.
ayhan keser aian artwork 2

The birth of A-i-A-n 

2017 / 6 pieces.
Searching of sunrise art work by ayhan keser 3

Transition to lightness

2017 / 7 pieces.
Ancient future artwork series called elements of life by ayhan keser

Elements of life

2017 / 4 pieces.
ancient future ayhan keser art collection graffiti police car 4

Art on Wheels

The story of the artworks

2 periods I’ve in my life since my art career has started. The first one I called the intro which was a 14 years long period were I was experimenting in mosaic tile art like how to design and how to create something by using this little stone, ceramic, marble or glass pieces ? What kinda different material can I use to create the mosaic art ? This 14 years long learning and experimenting period bought me a list of 300 commissions which I’ve made located on different places on earth.

This period has started and was running very well since 2003 till my severe backache ( lower back problems ) had started ( 2017 ). At the beginning of 2017, I faced the pain for the very first time caused of bowing during mosaic art. I was creating a body of mosaic art work called ” the ancient future ” to exhibit them at the Parallax Art Fair in London. 14 pieces I created at that time by using spray paint and stained glass mosaic tiles together for the first time in the mosaic art history. I knew something is going wrong but it was to late all ready to work on large scale mosaic tile art commissions. I had to stop excepting new commissions which has chanced my whole life. The main problem was I was in the middle of an mosaic tile art project commissioned by the worlds 4th largest railway project which was located in Africa ( Ethiopia ). This project was also my last large scale mosaic tile art project were I had to create glass mosaic work for tunnel entry-exit walls by using traditional Ethiopian pattern. I had several injections caused by backache pain which caught also in the footage that I’ve made during the installation process in Ethiopia, Africa ( 2017 ).

I either could finish my art career or I could look up for other materials to keeping on creating mosaic art tile art commissions. I realized cardboard could be great idea to go on. But unfortunately clients mostly want to use marble, ceramic tiles or glass mosaic tiles to create mosaic works for their interior or exterior demands. There was no way to use mosaic tile art created by using cardboards in bathroom, swimming pool or on a restaurant interior wall. What should I do know ?

Well a new period in my art career has started already. Creating artworks ! Real artworks ! What an excitement to turn your feelings in to a framed piece. I’ve started to experimenting again and this time by using cardboards together with paint because I’ve made 50 stencil paint commissions as well during my first period. I’ve called it ” The Primitive Mosaic Art Painting ”. I used the word ” primitive ” because I was exhausted by creating art works for clients were I didn’t had a chance to create primitive thinks. I just was in love with the word ” primitive ” which was actually more than a word. It was a sort of expressing your feelings without any restrictions. Emotion to material ( work ) in one move. It was amazing. I decided to learn about the other side of creating artwork to exhibit them in art in galleries, art exhibitions or in museums, after I made 6 pieces in different sizes and techniques. I think it is a common issue that you also want to make a good living with the art that you’ve created. During this period I face that my daughter (3.5) is trying to learn the A,B,C … for the very first time in her life. I was learning too ? The only difference was she is 3,5 years old and I’m 44 ! And because of I’m learning everything from new so I created my own letters which was a new form of A,B,C … I called it ” A-i-A-n ”. Creating art works by using kinda visual letters is the best thing ever happened to me…

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