Ayhan Keser artist biography

Ayhan Keser, Germany, 1974.

Ayhan Keser is an artist who has designed & created +300 mosaic art & stencil art ( commissions ) on client wishes located all around the world since 2003 ( Uk, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Africa ).

In the early 2017 he almost stoped excepting mosaic art and stencil art commissions. His backache ( lower back ) problems caused by doing large scale mosaic works by using heavy ceramic, marble and glass mosaics for a very long time.

Ayhan Keser artists biography

In 2017 he has created his very first art series also called ” the ancient future ” exhibited at Parallax Art Fair ( London ). This mosaic tile art series is also known as a bridge created from the ancient mosaic culture to today’s street art culture and it includes 7+4 pieces made with over spray painted stained glass mosaics.

At the end of 2017 his backache rises, so he had to find a more light material to create art because ceramic and marble tiles are to heavy to work with. He has created his second art series ” the primitive mosaic art painting ” which includes 6 art works. Created with mosaic tiles and paint by using cardboard only !

In 2018 he decided to create his own letters to use them in his new mosaic painting works. He used randomly and naturally broken ceramic tile shapes to develop his letters on the computer and by doing so 26 new letters ( A-i-A-n ) was created. On 04.05.2018 four pieces was created already. All in the same size 50cmx70cm.

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