Aian the art of freedom of speech

Aian is the art of freedom of speech

The birth of Aian / 1Aian derived from Ayhan, actually the artist name, reffering to a hidden lettering system to create not just visual elements for viewers also a freedom of speech in the artworks. A complete new alphabet, hidden in the artwork to spread out current fears and happienes of the artist to the world by using cardboards, newspapers and paint as material, stencils and mosaic art as techniques. ”The birth of Aian” is the first series of the freedom of speech art, were the first letters came out, exhibited at the contemporary art exposition in Izmir in 2029 which includes only one word per artwork. Ayhan Keser artwork The 5 wishes no1”The 5 wishes” is the second series of the freedom of speech, were finally sentense came in to the artwork. In short, the freedom of speech art series used to opperate 2 dynamics in same time such as conversation artist-world and a conversation between the viewer and the artwork.