Design, creativity and art

Design, creativity and art

The big questions, which one comes first? The design part? The creativity part or the structuring part? Well there is actually one thing that I can say after working on both subjects: All of them are working together and must be practiced in same time to create a great product (work).

Graphic design for clothing industry

Creating graphic designs is such fun especially by using Adobe Illustrator as this software is making the sizing process so easier. So there is one thing left, designing! If a special topic is given than I work around it, if not, then I try to pick up the right brush tool and create lines and shapes until I have something cool on my screen.

Graphic design and structuring

It’s been 17 years ago since I’ve created my first mosaic work. Actually I was trying to copy other mosaic works, because I had even no idea about how to use a computer.  Back in the days, I was trying to these works at island called Cyprus which has so many ancient mosaics located in ancient buildings. I was simply copying those ancient mosaics but there was a different between my re-created mosaics and the ancient ones. I was using modern ceramic tiles like wall tiles or floor tiles to re-create them. Usually ancient mosaic does not shine in visual way but mine does. We know for sure that ancient mosaic made such long time ago to write stories and not only for decoration purposes.


Graphic design for stencil art projects

Well, after spending so many years in this business, I notice that sometimes a mosaic design can be a bit expensive for the client and this is when stencil art comes in. Stencil art can be a good selection especially if you want to have sort of street art look in your space no matter if it’s a restaurant, house of office. Not a big surprise today but street art letters made by using spray paint also looks good on clothing.