Artist Biography: Ayhan Keser

Artist Biography: Ayhan Keser
Ayhan Keser Art Panel Talk
Seminar on Art and Design, 2015.

He studied engineering (geology) at the University of Istanbul after attending elementary school and orientation school in Germany. His passion for design and art has not changed even after studying geology, as this choice was dependent on the school system, not on the student. After 2 years of geology in different companies, he decided to change his career to design and art. He had begun to design simple designs with pebbles because geology is minerals and pebbles. In short, he wanted to know what to do with these stones, which had been brought to the earth’s surface by geology. So he founded, in 2003, the company Delphina Design & Trading in Cyprus, which was to produce various types of custom-design mosaic sheets, with the help of tiles, glass and marble particles, for indoor and outdoor use. After a few custom-design mosaic projects, he noticed that the market on the small island of Cyprus was insufficient.

Mosaic tile design, 2003.

In 2006, he moved to Istanbul, hoping to find a bigger market, and founded a new company, MosaicIstanbul. This company had the same mission. Design and create. The only difference was that Ayhan Keser had learned at this time how to use a computer and the associated software and Adobe Illustrator to better (exactly) design, Adobe Photoshop to make his product photos look better, Adobe Premiere Pro to videos to prepare for marketing and most recently, he has participated in several Google and YouTube workshops to simplify his marketing.

Mosaic Art Panel talk ayhan keser
Seminar über Mosaik Kunst / Ayhan Keser

All of these components have helped him set up a list of clients willing to pay big sums for design and crafts. Since 2003 he has designed around 300 mosaic arts and crafts projects as well as stencil art for indoor and outdoor spaces located in Cyprus Republic, London (United Kingdom), Baku (Azarbaijan), Basra (Iraq), Turkey and (Ethiopia) Africa.

Stencil Art, which is also called stencil art, was used when the mosaic design became too expensive for the customer. Imagine a picture being formally taken apart, stenciled, and then rejoined in one place with the help of software. In terms of art, this process is for me, nothing but a kind of teleportation. Of course, this case is more about the financial position of customers. Stencil Art does not take as much time as the Mosaic Arts and Crafts. Many of the mosaic projects were major projects made on web or paper. In its portfolio there is a custom-design mosaic project which is located for walls in the subway in Bursa (Turkey) and a custom-design mosaic project which will connect to the tunnel exits on a railway in Ethiopia (Awash-Kombolcha-Hara Gebaya Railway Project). Today he has started to give art courses on Mosaic art and Stencil Art at the Münchner Volkshochschule in Munich. He also has private Mosaic art course and private Stencil art courses.