Art by Ayhan Keser

Artworks by Ayhan Keser

It took quite a long time to start creating artworks for my self after spending almost 20 years in custom-made mosaic artworks or wall stencils. I finally made a start on 2018 by using cardboard and paint. I used glass mosaics and ceramic tile art to create artworks in 2017 for the last time.

The freedom of speech art series

ayhan keser aian- artwork 4Aian derived from Ayhan, actually the artist name, referring to a hidden lettering system to create not just visual elements for viewers also freedom of speech in the artworks.


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Primitive mosaic painting art series

Hopes are beautiful artwork by ayhan keser 5To me, it is the simplest way to create mosaics since last year (2018). I call it the primitive mosaic painting because I know how hard it is to create mosaics in usual way.


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Ancient Future art series

I called the ancient future. It is an art series were I combined a few techniques and material usually used to create mosaic art and street art  such as stencil art together in one frame.

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1) Elements of life art series.

This art series have being created by using spray painted stained-glass mosaic tiles as material and regular glass mosaic techniques.

2) Art on wheels art series.

ancient future ayhan keser art collection painted train 6This art series includes over spray painted trains and a police car with graffiti on.



Mosaic Art commissions

Here are some mosaic art projects for you that have been done by Ayhan Keser in the last years. the life of an mosaic artist part 3Over the last 15 years, 300 Mosaic Art projects made by the artist in different locations such as Africa, England, Usa, Turkey, Cyprus, Baku.


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Stencil Art Projects

Bruce Lee Stencil by Ayhan KeserWe have selected some Stencil Art projects for you that have been created by the artist Ayhan Keser for clients over the last few years. Stencil art can be sorted according to the number of colors as well as the style and the message it delivers into different groups.


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