Media Design – Video

Media Design / Video: Stop Motion Film

Well the question is, why would a Mosaic or Stencil artist make Stop Motion Film? Or why is media design such important? There is no clear answer to the subject but to me, mosaic art and film editing the same thing as both are created by pieces to become one. Also, it is useful to create these short of pictures and short films for marketing purposes.

Porsche stopmotion video

Media design / Video: Short film

To be honest, non of the films I made was a huge production with a lot of people around for help. It is more about the dynamic. Would you claim on a kinda ghost ship to film with your smartphone? Today, I would not even think about it as it seem s scary, because you even don’t know if you will be alone on the ship. The ship is not there anymore as it is re-constructed and moved away but this short film will last forever.

Artists and their fair of risk / Ein Kurzfilm