Mosaic Art Commissions

Mosaic Art commissions in overview

Here are some mosaic art projects for you that have been done by Ayhan Keser in the last years. the life of an mosaic artist part 3Over the last 15 years, 300 Mosaic Art projects made by the artist in different locations such as Africa, England, Usa, Turkey, Cyprus, Baku. Mostly ceramic, vitreous, marble and stained glass were used to make these mosaic works for our clients all around the world. Various mosaic art techniques were applied as well as mosaic on net, mosaic on paper and the direct method. In our portfolio are various types of mosaic art projects. Indulgence mosaic art projects are mostly produced for walls and floor. The fact is that these surfaces show different reactions as soon as they are covered with the mosaic work, which indicates that the choice of adhesives and technology plays a big role.

Marble mosaic art projects

Here we have some mosaic art project examples made from marble mosaics by Ayhan Keser in recent years. The negative side of marble mosaic art is that they are heavy in weight. For mosaic projects larger than 100cm x 100cm you have to split the end image into several areas and then bring them together again during the application.

Ceramic Tile Mosaic (tile art)

The most easiest way to create mosaic art is buying a few tiles (maybe in different colors) and creating shapes. You can create geometrical shapes to make a good wall or floor design. Another you can do with tiles is making beautiful mosaic portraits on clients wishes by simply cutting the tile into smaller pieces. I used this tile art technique a lot of time to create mosaic mural as well mosaics to hang.

Stained Glass Mosaic Art Commissions.

Using Stained glass to create a mosaic art commission can be quite difficult. Yes this material is light and thin but in the other hand it is expensive and it is not easy to work with as it’s color transitions. Color transitions is a good option to create mosaic art similar to paintings but this material is only good if your client is ready to pay for the material which is quite expensive in comparison to marble, ceramic even vitreous glass.

Pixel Mosaic Art

Pixel mosaic art is one of the most coolest way in designing and creating mosaic art. Colors are decoded into symbols and then back to colors with the help of mosaic. The end result: Just perfect.

Vitreous mosaic art projects

Here we have some mosaic art project examples made from vitreous glass mosaics by Ayhan Keser in recent years. The good thing about vitreous glass mosaics is that they are very light in weight and that there are many colors in the market.