Primitive mosaic paintings by Ayhan Keser

Primitive mosaic paintings

To me, it is the simplest way to create mosaics since last year (2018). I call it the primitive mosaic painting because I know how hard it is to create mosaics in usual way. The key behind this style is nothing but my lower back health which I almost lost during the last 15 years. Carrying quite heavy ceramic tiles to create art commissions for clients caused me this trouble which has ruined my whole life to be honest. I had to stop doing art for 1 year and I knew that I needed to find light materials, easy to carry and not only the material, the technique to create the work is even more important as you need to bent during creating mosaics. Ayhan Keser Artwork called beginning with a endThe answer was cardboard! Light, easy to handle, can be painted over with any type of paint and it was free. I mean you can find cardboard everywhere. I started this style by simply hanging it on the wall and painted after on. The work I made is called ”beginning with the end” were I mosaic painted the also called ”Gypsy Girl” on a big piece of re-created cardboard. After this work I started to play around a lot with carboard and made cut-out pieces as well.