Severe backache has started

First steps to the mosaic art world Cyprus 2003

Quitting mosaic art & stencil art commission career

Making mosaic art & stencil art can be very painful sometimes especially when you are doing it for a very long time such 15-20 years. My backache problems has started at the beginning 2015 but I didn’t stop doing mosaic art and stencil art commissions because this was the only that I have to make a living and getting bills paid.

In the early 2017 the pain became serious were I’ve learned that some of my discs ( L1 … ) are almost damaged and there was no way left to me to continue with mosaic & stencil art commissions. The main reason is in making mosaic art you face the heaviness of the material which is ceramic, glass or marble tiles. Commissions in the mosaic art world are mostly large sized pieces which makes the installation part even more difficult.

Opening a new page in my art career

I had to stop doing mosaic art and stencil art commissions in 2017 and turned my direction to the art market by creating art collections to getting exhibited in the art galleries, art events, art group shows, expositions, art fairs and solo shows maybe on day.

Material research to create art collections

I’ve decided to use cardboard and paint to create my very first art collections after creating approx. 300 mosaic & stencil art commissions on clients needs. Cardboards and paint are very light materials.  I’m happy and excited to find a new way to go on with my art career. It is a blank paper to me to create art collections by using mosaic art & stencil art or painting techniques with an experience wide over 20 years …