Urban Mosaic Tile Designs

The challenge of Urban Mosaic Tile Designs

Urban Mosaic tile design - Tunnel - Africa.
Urban Glass mosaic tile design – Tunnel – Africa.

In the last 20 years we have been commissioned two times for an Urban Mosaic tile design, which has brought new experiences to our Art Studio. The design and production of a mosaic design for an urban project is of course, in contrast to interior projects, a whole different world.

The design Process

Urban Mosaic tile design - Drawings - Tunnel - Africa.
Urban Mosaic tile design – Drawings – Tunnel – Africa.

The design in terms of both visual and technical details is extremely important in Urban mosaic tile design projects. The weather conditions, the traffic be it cars, trains or pedestrians that can cause vibrations must be well calculated to produce a sustainable mosaic project. This is actually similar to mosaic tile designs in swimming pools where the joint width and the bonding of the mosaic sheets play a major role as the water in the pool exerts a great pressure on each individual mosaic.

The right mosaic for Urban Mosaic Designs

Urban Mosaic tile design - Train Station.
Urban Mosaic tile design – Train Station.

Can any Mosaic be easily applied to an Urban project? The answer is no! There are certain approaches that help in the selection. All these issues/questions have a huge impact on the life of the Mosaic tile design that is planned for the Urban. These are questions like:

  • Will the Mosaic tile design project stand up under the sun?
  • Will the artwork be exposed to snow and rain?
  • Is there rail traffic nearby?
  • Will cars drive on it? (For flooring projects)
  • Will pedestrians walk on it? (For floor projects)
  • Will people be able to touch the artwork in general?
Urban Mosaic tile design - Train Station.
Urban Mosaic tile design – Train Station.

We are here to serve you!

But you don’t need to worry, because you are in good hands in our Art Studio as far as the technical and visual is concerned. Due to our many years of experience, we possess the answers to all these questions and we are aware of the measures that need to be taken in order to design and create a sustainable Urban Mosaic Tile design!

Retro Mosaic Tile Design – Wall

Retro Mosaic tile design - wall .

Retro Meets Mosaic Tile Design

We would like to introduce you a Retro Mosaic Tile design project that we created about 10 years ago, for a living room wall in a villa in Cyprus. The end result was just beautiful! Partially shiny Mosaic Tiles, which made themselves visible from matte colored mosaics. And that in a style from the 60’s. But how does such a process go? How long did such a custom made Mosaic Tile design project take?

Planning and design

Retro Mosaic Tile Design - Wall.
Retro Mosaic Tile Design – Wall.

The design, i.e. the shape and colors, that was used in this project is actually one from the 60’s. We didn’t really add anything great, that was the customer’s request. We just sat down together to find the best colors that could be used in this project. It is very important to find tiles that are also well suited for the mosaic process. For this we, as Art Studio, selected the colors according to the gloss and matte and prepared for our client, a part as a demonstration model mosaic. The goal of this preliminary process is to show our clients how the final visual result will look like.

mosaic crafts skills

Mosaic tile design process, glueing tiles
Mosaic tile design process, glueing tiles.

Each custom Mosaic Tile design project prefers different skills that played a very big role in the final result. Since such a project is made with pure handwork, it is also our main task to show our clients where there might appear visual differences during the implementation. For this reason, it is important for us to show our clients the final result that will follow through the implementation. This way we can plan changes at the very beginning.

Production time

The time needed for the design and production of such a Mosaic Tile Design (Wall) is about 0.5 m2 / day. In other words, it took us about 3 weeks to set up such a project. The application takes less time, about 1 day for gluing to the wall and 1 day for grouting.

Retro Mosaic Tile Design - Wall.
Retro Mosaic Tile Design – Wall.

Smooth application Process

Through our experience we have accumulated over 150 Mosaic Tile Design projects in the last 20 years, will help execute a smooth Mosaic application process. Just imagine that the large wall mosaic is divided into numbered pieces and can be easily applied to any wall by your local tiler. The end result is irreplaceable as this mosaic project has turned into a handmade piece of art on your wall.

Retro Mosaic tile design - wall .
Retro Mosaic tile design – wall .
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