We Are Celebrating

in these days, we dance…

custom made mosaic tile art on wall of dance club
Custom made mosaic tile design on wall, dance club, 2012.

and we sing…

custom made wall mosaic in a bistro
Custom made mosaic tile design, wall, bistro.

cuz we’re celebrating…

20th year!

We have been designing and creating unique wall and floor mosaics as well as wall paintings since 2002. We became specialists in designing and producing mosaic murals and mosaic flooring with glass mosaic, marble mosaic and mosaic tile art. Another strength is wall painting with spray paints as well as wall paints. We have completed over 150 custom projects worldwide.

we’re so happy…

Because we managed to keep our small art studio small. Our idea was and still is that our clients not only hire us but book the whole Art Studio. Thus, there are long queues but our orders are delivered in a timely manner and custom-made in the best quality. Our goal is not to get bigger, but to become an art studio that designs, creates and delivers the best custom made wall mosaics worldwide.

Custom made wall mosaic tile art for private villa
Custom made wall mosaic tile design, private villa.

and proud…

We are proud because 20 years ago, with the tiles we found in our garage, we became an art studio that creates custom made mosaic tile designs worldwide and we have built a good relationship with our customers for years.

Custom made Mural of Notorious BIG on a club interior wall
Custom made Mural, wall, Restaurant.

cuz we always evolving

Be it a mosaic wall art project or a mural, for us every project is a new challenge that helps us to develop more and more. Nowadays we master all the possible Mosaic Wall Art creation techniques that are demanded from us.

glass mosaic wall art for residence entry
Glass Mosaic tile design, residence entry.

and getting faster…

The last 150 or so custom made wall mosaic projects and murals we have created in the last 20 years have helped us to set up quickly depending on the project size and deadline, both technically and in terms of materials.

Glass mosaic wall art for private villa
Glass mosaic tile design, private villa.

and we’re travel a lot…

We love to travel out as we are often invited to supervise custom made wall mosaic installations. This gives us the chance to see and if necessary intervene during the wall mosaic application to make sure that the final result is what the customer wants. Some wall mosaic projects are located in Africa, London, Istanbul, Izmir, Hamburg, Cyprus, Basra and on a yacht that is probably currently in the Pacific.

Custom made mosaic tile art on a bar
Custom made mosaic tile design, bar.

we love communicating!

During the design and creation of the wall mosaic, our clients receive photos and videos from our studio every 2 days to make sure that everything goes as expected.

Custom made glass mosaic wall art at company entry wall
Custom made glass mosaic tile design, entry wall.

but still we stay cool

When we picked up the tiles in our garage 20 years ago, we never expected that one day we would become a kind of studio that creates and delivers custom made wall mosaics worldwide. Nevertheless, we do our best to keep our feet on the ground and are grateful for every project that rings our doorbell,

Custom made mosaic tile art in a bistro interior wall
Custom made mosaic tile design, wall, bistro.

and won’t stop dancing!

Custom made Mural on a club wall
Custom made Mural , wall, Club.

cuz we have a lot of fun!

Custom made mosaic tile art on a interior wall
Custom made mosaic tile design, wall, Bistro.