Painting on Cardboard

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Banksy’s “Girl with Balloon” is one of the most recognizable artworks in street art culture. The artist has sprayed in this painting, a cardboard from 2 angles with spray paint and thus create 2 images in one where you can see from 2 different angles, 2 different images. The artist Ayhan Keser wanted to represent with this work what might have been a moment before. In this case, Balloon still has in her hand.

For several years, the artist has been painting on unusable cardboard to make the artwork light in weight as well as to contribute to climate change. For this reason, are some years stains, holes or meaningless images on his artworks to see which are actually no different than the imprints existing on the cardboard.

This work of art, made in 2018, due to its uniqueness and stillness, can be considered a collectible piece of art.

Why should I own this work of Art:
This artwork is considered one of the most important works of the artist, who has a total of 20 years of mosaic art history and 7 years of Street Art history, reflecting his transition from mosaic art to controversial street art style.

Will the value of this work of art increase over time:
In the Emerging Artists status group, Artist Ayhan Keser’s works have not yet been exhibited in art galleries and museums, so it is highly likely that the price of the artwork you will own will increase with time.

Technical details about the work:
The dimensions of the artwork are 50 Cm x 70 Cm. Since its weight is under 1 Kg, it can be easily hung on the wall. The Artwork is not framed.

The style of making the work:
This work has been created by the artist, through the use of stencil art (a painting technique used in street art).

Exhibitions where the work is planned for display:
Art Miami 2023
London Parallax Art Fair 2023