Primitive Contemporary Painting on Newspaper

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This Geometric Wall Art created on up-cycled newsprint with turquoise, black and white paint is a New Artwork Series started by the artist this year (2022). Prints from the newspaper before the painting was created can be seen which gives this work an interesting texture. 

Why should I own this work of Art?

This artwork is considered one of the most important works of the artist, who has a total of 20 years of mosaic art and 7 years of Street Art background. This series of artworks started by the artist Ayhan Keser in 2022 is considered a milestone as these works are one of the first that the artist has created after moving to Germany in his new art studio after 3.5 years. 

Will the value of this work of art increase over time?

In the Emerging Artists status group, Artist Ayhan Keser’s works have not yet been exhibited in art galleries and museums, so it is highly likely that the price of the artwork you will own will increase with time. 

Technical details about the work:

The dimensions of the artwork are 93,5 Cm x 62 Cm. Since its weight is under 1 Kg, it can be easily hung on the wall. Artwork is not framed. The artwork can be framed quite easily as the Artwork is flat and straight. When not framed, the work looks like the detailed photos, which gives this work a unique characteristic.

The style of making the work:

This work has been created by the artist, through the use of Newspaper, Paint and a paint roller. Newspaper Print color and texture can be seen that gives this artwork a primitive look. 

Exhibitions where the work is planned for display:

Art Miami 2023
London Parallax Art Fair 2023