Kultursommer Preis Landkreis Harburg 2021

Ayhan Keser was commissioned in 2021 by the art network Kunstnetz Jesteburg for the project Kultursommer Preis 2021 of the district of Harburg as a leader and artist. Under the motto „Klare Kante“ Ayhan Keser has painted a 2 m X 6 m wall with spray paints and wall paints. The artist has the theme of „Climate Change“ in which he depicted a mama and a baby polar bear rising on a piece of earth with the stencil art painting technique. The project was classified as Kultursommer Preis Landkreis Harburg winner.

Kultursommer Preis Landkreis Harburg 2021 Gewinner (By Artist Ayhan Keser)

After the artist handed over the artwork to Kunstnetz Jesteburg, he was not invited as the creating artist to any of the events and thus unfortunately had to terminate his membership.

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