Mosaic Art Period of Ayhan Keser

Artist Ayhan Keser Mosaic Art Period 2003
Mosaic workshop, Ayhan Keser, 2004.

Ayhan Keser created his first mosaic paintings in 2003 on the island of Cyprus. He used simple wall and floor tiles and an axe to chop the tiles for his mosaic work. Ayhan Keser has never participated in a workshop to learn this art form that is thousands of years old. Later he also worked with Marble Mosaics, Vitreous Glass Mosaics and Tiffany Glass Mosaics. Until 2014 he has designed and created 120 mosaic art projects all over the world among which there were also famous clients. His mosaic works were in large format and served rather the art in construction section.

„Mosaics are too heavy in weight, so I design them so that you do not need to hang them.“

He has developed over the years different methods to design and create a wall mosaic so that customers thought the mosaic work was created directly on their wall and not in his studio because you could not see the (*) joints.

(*) He divided the whole mosaic image that was created from small mosaics back to smaller parts and could thus transport and apply them.

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