Stencil Art Period of Ayhan Keser

2014 – 2017

Former mosaic artist Ayhan Keser created his first stencil art project in 2014. He did exactly what he had done in the beginning of 2006 during the creation of the mosaic mural’s, „Large Scale“!

Stencil art is a kind of painting technique that is often used by street artists on the streets and trains where you paint different layers of paint over each other and thus extremely quickly comes to the visual end result. Ayhan Keser has created between 2014 – 2017 about 20 stencil art (mural) projects in large format. The size of the stencil art mural’s he has created for his clients have an average height of 300 cm. He has created his works with spray paints as well as with regular wall paints.

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