Outstanding Mural in Bathroom

Street art Mural on the bathroom wall?

A cool mural on the bathroom wall? Is that actually possible? The question here is rather, why should that not be possible! It’s just cool to bring together different decorative elements from art history. Especially in places in your home where it is not expected. You can already assume that your guests will be amazed in the house because a bathroom decorated in street art style is not often seen.

Custom made wall mural design bathroom
Custom made wall mural design bathroom.

In this project we sat down at the table with our client and closed our eyes, as we usually do with our clients who want to add something to their house walls that didn’t exist before. It’s a great bathroom in a beautiful loft with with a large blank wall directly across from the shower. Since the shower itself was separated with a large glass wall, you were looking directly at that wall while you showered. The idea came from our client that it could be exciting to be watched by a mural. They then decided on a picture which we then transferred in color to the wall.

Street art in bathroom

Wall Mural - Interior - Bathroom.
Wall Mural – Interior – Bathroom.

Of course, street art is not meant for bathroom walls but we wanted to bring the visual effect of spray paint on the concrete wall into the interior in this case the bathroom. And in order for this mural to really look street art style visually, we used, on the already existing concrete wall, the stencil art technique.

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