Mosaic Tile Design – Technical Information

Custom made Interior Tile Design Mosaic

Shaped Mosaic Tiles and Pixel Mosaics

We would like to give you technical information before you hire us for a Mosaic tile design project. You can have your Mosaic Tile design, for your wall, created at your leisure, as we have experience in all directions as far as Mosaic Tile design is concerned. Nevertheless, this could be classified into 2 groups.
1- Shaped Tiles (Handmade)
2- Pixel Mosaic Tile Design (Hand placed tiles)

1- Shaped Mosaic Tiles (Handmade)

Mosaic tile design - shaped tiles - wall.
Mosaic tile design – shaped tiles – wall – 170 Cm x 250 Cm.

Wall decorations made of Mosaic Tile Design can have very different visual effects. This is due to the production of individual mosaics that are usually formed by pure handwork to create a whole image. These days, new alternatives keep coming on the market that can be shaped with pure manual labor and the help of a mosaic nipper. However, the fact remains that the most commonly used main component of mosaic tile design for your wall or floor is either wall tiles, floor tiles, marble or different glass mosaics.

Comparison: glass mosaic and marble mosaic

Glass mosaics could then be classified into 2 groups, namely, Stained Glass mosaics and Virteous glass mosaics. The application of marble mosaics for your project also has visual differences. For one, your Mosaic Tile Design – Wall will look rustic and matte. Unlike glass mosaics, this is a huge difference as a mosaic tile design project created from glass mosaics is more glossy and brings more contrast to the visual play. It is always eye-catching and outstanding in terms of interior color balance. The bottom line is that both materials work well with a mosaic nipper. The biggest difference is just the visual (colors, gloss).

Comparison: wall tiles and floor tiles

Mosaic tile design - no gap - no grout.
Mosaic tile design – no gap – no grout.

We often create mosaic tile designs for walls with wall tiles, as they are very easy to work with an appropriate mosaic nipper. The reason for this is usually that they are processed only once in the oven during production. In this process, floor tiles are processed 2 times in a kiln and are then just not so easy to process with a mosaic nipper. But for this such floor tiles are suitable for mosaic tile design projects that are designed with „Art Nouvau style“. Of course, you can also use wall tiles for Art Nouveau style Mosaic tile design projects.

2- Pixel Mosaic Tile Design – Wall

Mosaic tile design - Pixel - Wall - Installation.
Mosaic tile design – Pixel – Wall – Installation.

Nowadays, Pixel Mosaic Tile design for walls is often applied as a creating process. In such creation process no Mosaic Nipper is needed because the Mosaic tiles are simply set in mold. This can be done by hand or with robots.

what you should now about Pixel Mosaic Tile Design – Wall

Mosaic tile design - Wall - Pixel - Grouted.
Mosaic tile design – Wall – Pixel – Grouted.

Pixel Mosaic tile design for walls is nothing but a pixelated image, where the pixels are replaced with mosaics. For this reason, it is extremely important where the mosaic tile design is placed, because the human eye needs a certain distance to recognize the image. The experience of the mosaic designer comes into play here because he must know exactly whether the mosaic tile design applied to the wall is recognizable by the viewer or not. Another issue that arises during the design phase is the size of the total wall space. The mosaic designer must edit the image desired by the customer on the wall on the computer with the help of different softwares to see if the image can be implemented on the surface as a mosaic tile design. In most cases, the image requested by the customer is rejected because it cannot be implemented as a Pixel Mosaic Tile design because the area is too small and therefore the image will not be recognizable.

How Grout color affects the mosaic

Mosaic Tile Design - Pixel - Wall.
Mosaic Tile Design – Pixel – Wall – Joint review.

Without joints, a mosaic tile design on the wall or floor, unthinkable. It is because the joint holds each mosaic from 4 sides. Good and nice to know but what effect or rather what effect has the joint color on the whole? Very enormous I would say! Imagine that the joint width, depending on the application is between 1 mm – 3 mm. This means that for a Pixel Mosaic tile design created with 1×1 Cm, continuously, at every 1 Cm, 10 percent of grout color is incorporated. In other words, a 100 cm x 100 cm pixel mosaic tile design, the eye also sees a joint area or joint color of 10 cm x 10 cm. If the wrong grout color is selected or the grout color does not match the design, the pixel mosaic tile design will lose 10 percent of its visual impact and therefore its value.

Can it be done without joints?

The answer is yes and no. A gapless mosaic tile design to be applied in an interior Wall could be created without grout. However, such a production has two points that should be taken into consideration. On the one hand, it will be difficult to clean the mosaic. On the other hand, unfortunately, there is a possibility that individual particles will break free from the mesh or the wall.

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