Mosaic Tile Design for Bistro, Restaurant and Bar

The Power of Mosaic Touch!

Mosaic tile design - Bistro - Bar.
Mosaic tile design – Bistro – Bar.

It is simply the great energy that a wall, decorated with mosaic tile design brings to your clients, in your bistro or restaurant. A mosaic mural created by hand from hundreds or thousands of small mosaic pieces has a completely different effect than a simple wall paint or a print hanging on the wall. It makes your clients feel valued in your bistro or restaurant, through this investment in the mosaic art form, because you, as the owner, could have painted the large wall with a simple wall paint. This is not to say that a bistro or restaurant that does not have a mosaic tile design on the walls does not value its clients.

Mosaic tile design - Wall - Bistro.
Mosaic tile design – Wall – Bistro.

But considering the fact, it is a sign that shows what kind of value the owner of a bistro or restaurant gives to his interior and therefore to his clients. However, it is also clear that not every interior design concept is suitable for a mosaic tile design touch, which is perfectly okay.

Branding And Mosaic Tile Design – Wall

Mosaic tile design - Wall - Bistro.
Mosaic tile design – Wall – Bistro.

What does branding have to do with mosaic tile design on the wall? Actually a lot! A bistro or a restaurant has 2 good possibilities to make branding without permanent investment. On the one hand the good food, the good service and of course the location. On the other hand the interior design and – or maybe the exterior design. Of course, sometimes you can find very good food and drinks in weird places, but that doesn’t change the fact that in bistros and restaurants in good locations, a lot of attention is paid to the interior and exterior design. In short, it’s about places that talk about themselves! It simply helps the client to keep the bistro in mind. Of course, we must not forget that in front of large mosaic walls are also taken good photos and then shared on social media. No client takes a photo in front of an empty wall after a delicious meal.

The bistro with the large wall mosaic

Mosaic tile design - Wall - Bistro.
Mosaic tile design – Wall – Bistro.

We have experienced in the last 20 years that the large (up-scale) mosaic tile designs on walls that have been installed in bistros or restaurants have been talked about a lot. Some of our executed wall mosaic projects ended up so energetic that the customers of the bistro only said: „the bistro with the big wall mosaic“, and did not even know what the bistro was actually called. In the end, the goal is achieved. Your space will be recognized by the interior design, and will also be passed on to other potential clients.

Unique and decorative Mosaic Tile Designs and Murals

We design and create custom made mosaic tile designs and murals, so that your space stands out from other spaces of the same kind!

Pool Mosaic Design with Glassmosaics, 2009
Pool Mosaic Design, Glass mosaics, 2009

Projects that revive the 4,000-year-old Mosaic art

We have created well over 150 wall mosaic projects and mural projects using the Stencil Art technique over the past 20 years. Most of these projects are on interior, exterior walls and floors of:

Wall Mosaic Design at Swimming pool
Wall Mosaic Design at Swimming pool, Glass mosaics, 2012.

Don’t worry about dimensions because the techniques we have learned in the last few years are „ice breaking“ for some. For us it is nothing more than an „ok, what is the next mosaic project!“.

Custom made Glass Mosaic Wall project in Africa
Custom made Glass Mosaic Wall project in Africa
Custom made Glass Mosaic Wall project in Africa
Custom made Glass Mosaic Wall project in Africa
Custom made Glass Mosaic Wall project in Africa
Custom made Glass Mosaic Wall project in Africa

Mosaic Tile Design for interior and exterior Walls

We create for your interior and exterior wall mosaic designs according to your ideas, in our studio in Jesteburg – Germany, where the size of your walls, does not matter (upscale mosaic tile design). The mosaic image is usually glued to mesh or foil and can thus be transported worldwide and applied on site by tilers, according to the application plan that we send with the product to you. We create the projects with glass mosaic, marble mosaic, mosaics made of tiles or handmade special mosaic tiles.

custom made wall Mosaic in a Bar
Custom made wall Mosaic application, tile art, Bistro.

Mural For Interior and Exterior Spaces

For the last 8 years we have also focused on murals in the interior and exterior, which is created with the stencil art technique. We use multi-layer stencils for this purpose in order to fulfill the exact customer wish that he wants to see on his wall. Wall decoration projects like these are prepared in the studio in Jesteburg, Germany and painted by our artist on your wall on site.

Mural in Office, 2012
Mural in Office, Spray Paint, 2012.

Mosaic Tile Design to hang

There are many ways to enjoy this ancient art. Mosaic pictures can also be hung up. It is important to remember that these mosaic works of art are not easy to handle in terms of weight, and therefore they are limited in size. Nevertheless, write to us if you have an idea or design that we could implement for you as Mosaic. We will be happy to advise you on the possible dimensions, material as well as the hanging process.

Art for Gallery Walls

The artist Ayhan Keser has a body of work as far as Contemporary art is concerned. Artworks are created in the sense only for art galleries and museums. He paints since 2017 on old newspaper barns and old cardboards. His artworks are ready to hang and are available in different sizes.

Artwork by emerging Artist Ayhan Keser
Artworks by emerging Artist Ayhan Keser

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