Decorative Wall Mosaic Designs

Legendary wall Mosaic Designs

Custom mosaic tile art, wall, Bistro.
Custom mosaic tile art, wall, Bistro.

We have developed well in the 20 years, in terms of large wall mosaic designs. The good thing is that you don’t have to be surprised how your wall mosaic created in our art studio will look like, because before you place the order with us, you will receive computer made renders. Accordingly, our customers will receive photos and video recordings made in our studio so that you can also follow along.

Size does not matter

Custom made Glass Mosaic Wall Design
Custom made Glass Mosaic Wall Design

We are able to transform all types of images into a more sophisticated mosaic picture. The size does not matter. But it is still natural that some details are lost during the mosaic design. All this we settle together before we start with pure handwork to create your mosaic.

custom made glass mosaic tile design wall, hotel.
Custom made glass mosaic tile design wall, hotel.

Large mosaic pictures are made in our art studio as one whole piece, no matter how big it is. After that, it is cut into smaller pieces and numbered so that it can be easily installed by a tiler nowadays.

Choose your style

Glass mosaic tile art wall
Glass mosaic tile art wall

Of course, before we get started in the studio creating your Mosaic Tile design, you will have the opportunity to choose your style. Deciding the style of Tile Mosaic for your wall or floor, sometimes has to be made through technical challenges, but sometimes just for looks. Here are some examples that have a huge impact on the visual and sustainability:

Custom made Interior Tile Design Mosaic

Floor Mosaic Tile Design installation that decorates a villa in Cyprus. The original artwork is located in the Ancient Art Museum on the island of Cyprus. The mosaic in the picture was created with tiles in the same style as a thousand years ago, so that it looks similar to the original. Cyprus, 2005.

What is the selection of different techniques in Mosaic Tile Design based on?

  • The joint width
  • The joint depth
  • The joint color
  • The type of tile
  • The size and height of the tiles
  • Glossy tiles
  • Matt tiles
  • The size of the glass mosaics

And most importantly, where your handmade mosaic tile design will be used?

Mosaic Tile techniques.

The Wall Tile designs don’t make much difference in terms of sustainability and the technique used to create your mosaic image. Swimming pools, floors and facades are much more affected and for this reason must be created according to some technical rules. In short, Mosaic Tile designs that are intended for an area that is under water or different weather conditions or that is to be installed on the floor with a lot of pedestrian traffic must be created with great care and different Mosaic Tile techniques.

Glass mosaic tile design wall
Glass mosaic tile design wall