Bildende Kunst für Schulen

Since 2019, I have also been offering special art courses suitable for both adults and adolescents, as well as children aged 11 and above. My art courses for adults are private and individualized, taking place at the clients' homes. For schools, there are project weeks and extracurricular art lessons available. Additionally, I provide team development workshops that encourage creative collaboration within companies.

Here are the categories for private art courses, art in schools, and team development workshops. Click on the photos to learn more.

Kunstkurse - privat in Ihrem Haus
Kunst in der Schule
Teamentwicklungs -Workshops

My goal is to beautify the world around us through art while also providing people of all ages the opportunity to discover and nurture their artistic side. Welcome to my art studio, where art comes alive in construction and on construction!

Wandkunst für den Bau

Since 1999, I have been passionately dedicated to creating custom artworks – wall designs using mosaic tiles and/or Custom Wall Paintings My focus is on the comprehensive planning, design, and implementation of art in architecture  Projekten.

Anbei die Kategorien zu Kunst am Bau. Klicken Sie auf die Fotos um mehr zu erfahren.

Art in Architecture - Mosaic Art
Kunst am Bau - Wandmalereien
Mosaic Tile Art in Architecture

In the realm of Art in Construction, my focus is on enhancing both interior and exterior spaces, including bathrooms, swimming pools, Kitchen Backsplashesand entryways. I work with a variety of materials. For wall designs with mosaic tiles, I utilize glass mosaics, marble mosaics, and tile mosaics. For artistic wall paintings, I employ brush and spray paints to create unique and aesthetically pleasing designs.

But I also bring my artistic expertise to the realm of Art in Architecture. Here, I create artworks for civil engineering structures, tunnels, subway stations, train stations, and various buildings with artistic elements that enhance the surroundings and create a unique atmosphere. Over the past 24 years, I've proudly completed over 150 custom art projects, including those in dining establishments, residential buildings, commercial structures, schools, civil engineering projects, and even on yachts.

Catalog to Download:

Here you will find an "Art in Architecture Catalog" in PDF format for downloading. You can also explore various categories below to learn more.

Download Catalog - Mosaic Art in Architecture
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