Teamentwicklung Workshops – Individuell und künstlerisch

Your brand is worth it!

As an experienced mosaic and stencil art artist, I offer art-based creative and customized workshop design and facilitation as part of team development initiatives in your company. In these workshops, your team has the opportunity to collaboratively create an impressive artwork that can be proudly displayed or applied to one of the walls in the company. We focus, for example, on artistically incorporating your company logo using fascinating mosaic art or dynamic stencil wall art (street art), emphasizing your company values. The artwork created by the dedicated employees can then be exhibited within the company, enriching the artistic interior and creating an inspiring atmosphere. Workshops are not only a fun experience but also strengthen the relationships among participants. As we work together to create a unique artwork, memories are formed that last long after the workshop.

In businesses, we offer these workshops not only to create an impressive artwork but also to reflect the company values. Through teamwork and unity, creative solutions are formed that reflect the identity and values of the company. My workshops allow participants to discover their creative sides and express themselves in a supportive environment. The time they spend together fosters collaboration and strengthens the team spirit. I place great importance on collaborative problem-solving, where every voice is heard and all team members can actively contribute. By connecting artistic creation with company values, we not only create an impressive artwork but also a meaningful memory of the shared experience. My workshops provide a unique opportunity to strengthen the team, unleash creativity, and express the company values in an artistic way. To conduct a team development workshop, suitable space needs to be provided. A large table is sufficient, which I will cover in advance with protective material. 

Types of team development workshops

I offer various types of team workshops, allowing you to make a customized selection that suits your needs and preferences. You have the opportunity to create the artwork directly on a wall in your company, whether it's in the entrance area, hallway, or offices. This way, you create an impressive visual presence that reflects your corporate culture and values.

Alternatively, we can also offer the creation of artwork on a canvas that you can hang in your company. This canvas can be a focal point in the reception area or add an inspiring accent to meeting rooms. This way, you create an artwork that symbolizes collaboration and team spirit, fostering a positive atmosphere within the company. Both workshops are suitable for 2 to 500 participants to create an artistic piece in your company.


Prices vary depending on your individual requirements and preferences. Since each workshop is unique, I adjust the price according to the size of the artwork, the required time, location, and materials. To receive a customized quote, simply send us a message. We look forward to providing you with an offer that is tailored to your needs.


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