About Ayhan Keser


Specialist - Mosaic Tile Design in Architecture

I am a specialist in architectural art projects.As a multiple award-winner and expert in my field, I have built an impressive career since 1999. In addition to my artistic pursuits, I have studied engineering geology and am proficient in three languages.

In addition to my roles as an artist and project manager, I also serve as a consultant for "mosaic projects in architecture".I have supported prominent global brands in their mosaic projects (in branches and headquarters) in Europe and Africa, bringing my extensive experience to the table. Furthermore, I work as an art teacher at various schools in Germany, where I pass on my knowledge and passion for art to the next generation.

Consultant - Award winning Project, 2021
Vortrag, Das Mosaikkunst Geschäft, 2013.

A significant part of my artistic journey involves designing and leading art courses for adults and kids. These courses and lectures provide a platform for me to share my experiences and skills with art enthusiasts. Whether in private settings or in institutions such as adult education centers (VHS schools) and high schools, I leverage my expertise to inspire people of all ages to explore the world of art. My years of practice enable me to offer a unique perspective on art while also allowing space for individual expression. 

The fusion of mosaic art street art (mural painting) Street Art(Wandmalerei) gives my work a versatile touch, which is reflected in my courses. With my passion for architectural mosaic art , I have successfully completed a multitude of projects worldwide in various domains. My expertise extends from the design to the production of individual and custom architectural mosaic pieces. I have successfully executed over 150 projects, including those in the realm of Restaurant design: , such as restaurant chains, bars, bistros, indoor and outdoor pools, as well as urban spaces like tunnels, subway, and train stations.

Auszeichnung, 2012.
Ein Künstler arbeitet an einem Tisch umgeben von Menschen
Volunteer - Bei Lösev

For me, volunteering is not just an activity; it's a way of life. For many years, I have invested my time and energy in various volunteer activities to make a positive impact on the community and the world around me. This journey as a volunteer has not only provided me with opportunities for personal growth but has also forged a deeper connection to my surroundings and the people who inhabit them.

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