Marble Mosaic Tile Design

Rustic and elegant: Marble Mosaic Tile Design

Marble mosaic tile design, wall process.
Marble mosaic tile design, wall process.

Marble Mosaics are recognized as an indispensable material in Mosaic Tile design. Due to its easy shaping, natural colors and historical antique texture, it is used very frequently in custom made mosaic tile design projects.

Marble mosaic tile design process - wall
Marble mosaic tile design process – wall.

Color and Texture

Marble mosaics are formed in a completely natural environment. For this reason, their colors are also 100% natural. Strong red, yellow or cobalt or similar artificial colors are hard to find in the marble mosaic segment. However, we can use a wonderful green and its shades, flesh colors similar to red, in your marble mosaic design project. In addition to all these, we can add wonderful color transitions to your mosaic design project with wonderful white and brown tones. During the mosaic design phase, it is important to remember that there are different types of marble and you should choose the one that best suits your project in terms of visual richness and technical aspects.

Marble mosaic tile design - column application.
Marble mosaic tile design – column application.

Glass Mosaic Tile Design

Glass mosaic tile design - building entry wall.
Glass mosaic tile design – building entry wall.

Glass mosaic is a beautiful material for interior and exterior use and through a custom design process can become a powerful wall, floor and swimming pool decoration element created in our art studio. Glass mosaics can be found today in almost all sizes and shades. They can also be easily attached to your wall, floor or swimming pool. But it will be even more interesting if you decide to create a pattern or a mural of your choice in our art studio from these glass mosaics.

Glass mosaic tile design wall
Glass mosaic tile design application, wall.

Mosaic Tile Design

Mosaic tile design
Mosaic tile design project, fountain.

Mosaic tile design is a cool thing as far as the house, restaurant, bar, bistro or swimming pool decoration, is concerned. It is a world where you can cut out wall tiles and floor tiles according to your design. The cut tiles are then glued to a net and numbered well packed and thus ready for use. You have the option to have different tiles with different colors cut into a whole new geometric pattern.

Mosaic tile design application, fountain.
Mosaic tile design application, fountain.

The Process:

Mosaic tile design process, shaping tiles.
Mosaic tile design process, shaping tiles.
Mosaic tile design process, glueing tiles
Mosaic tile design process, glueing tiles.

After deciding together on a design or pattern, we start cutting and shaping the tiles in our studio according to the design. We then glue these tiles on a net and number them so that they can be easily applied by a tiler. Different tiles can be used for your project. For technical reasons it is important to use floor tiles for floor Mosaic tile design and wall tiles for wall tile design.

Mosaic tile design - wall
Mosaic tile design – wall .

shapes for your Mosaic Tile Pattern

The most used geometric shapes in Mosaic tile design are Triangle, Square and Rectangle. These are cut by machine with manually operated Tile-Cut. But since we are an art studio and can invest a lot of time in your project, we also cut all kinds of Circles with pure handwork, which we then also include in the pattern, creating a visual difference between machine work and handwork.

Mosaic tile design - shaping tiles
Mosaic tile design – shaping tiles.

Mosaic tile Applications

With the right tile selection designed Tile designs, can then be applied by a tiler, in different locations in your home, in a restaurant, bar or yacht. With the right tile selection designed Tile designs, can then be applied by a tiler, in different locations in your home, in a restaurant, bar or yacht. Here are some examples from our experience:

Mosaic tile design process - applied building entry
Mosaic tile design process – applied building entry.
  • Interior walls
  • Exterior walls
  • Floor
  • Swimming pool
  • Kitchen backsplash
  • Bathroom
  • On furniture
  • Fountain

How big can my Mosaic Tile project be?

Mosaic tile design on a big wall
Mosaic tile design on a big wall.

It depends only on your imagination. We are happy to inform you that we can create your project in any size. We have gained a lot of experience in the production of large size Mosaic tile design. We attach great importance to the fact that the final result must be perfect from the visual and technical point of view.

Mosaic tile design on a big wall - bistro.
Mosaic tile design on a big wall – bistro.

Your project is special

Custom made mosaic tile design - process
Custom made mosaic tile design – process.

As you could also see on this page, you can create cool and so to speak “unique mosaic tile art wall” with tiles. For us, first of all, it is important that we find together with you the best color and shape for your wall. Everything else you can leave to our art studio hands.

Decorative Wall Mosaic Designs

Legendary wall Mosaic Designs

Custom mosaic tile art, wall, Bistro.
Custom mosaic tile art, wall, Bistro.

We have developed well in the 20 years, in terms of large wall mosaic designs. The good thing is that you don’t have to be surprised how your wall mosaic created in our art studio will look like, because before you place the order with us, you will receive computer made renders. Accordingly, our customers will receive photos and video recordings made in our studio so that you can also follow along.

Size does not matter

Custom made Glass Mosaic Wall Design
Custom made Glass Mosaic Wall Design

We are able to transform all types of images into a more sophisticated mosaic picture. The size does not matter. But it is still natural that some details are lost during the mosaic design. All this we settle together before we start with pure handwork to create your mosaic.

custom made pixel art mosaic on interior wall
Custom made mosaic wall design, pixel art- glass mosaic.

Large mosaic pictures are made in our art studio as one whole piece, no matter how big it is. After that, it is cut into smaller pieces and numbered so that it can be easily installed by a tiler nowadays.

Choose your style

Glass mosaic tile art wall
Glass mosaic tile art wall

Of course, before we get started in the studio creating your Mosaic Tile design, you will have the opportunity to choose your style. Deciding the style of Tile Mosaic for your wall or floor, sometimes has to be made through technical challenges, but sometimes just for looks. Here are some examples that have a huge impact on the visual and sustainability:

Custom made Interior Tile Design Mosaic

Floor Mosaic Tile Design installation that decorates a villa in Cyprus. The original artwork is located in the Ancient Art Museum on the island of Cyprus. The mosaic in the picture was created with tiles in the same style as a thousand years ago, so that it looks similar to the original. Cyprus, 2005.

What is the selection of different techniques in Mosaic Tile Design based on?

  • The joint width
  • The joint depth
  • The joint color
  • The type of tile
  • The size and height of the tiles
  • Glossy tiles
  • Matt tiles
  • The size of the glass mosaics

And most importantly, where your handmade mosaic tile design will be used?

Mosaic Tile techniques.

The Wall Tile designs don’t make much difference in terms of sustainability and the technique used to create your mosaic image. Swimming pools, floors and facades are much more affected and for this reason must be created according to some technical rules. In short, Mosaic Tile designs that are intended for an area that is under water or different weather conditions or that is to be installed on the floor with a lot of pedestrian traffic must be created with great care and different Mosaic Tile techniques.

Glass mosaic tile design wall
Glass mosaic tile design wall


Ayhan Keser is a self-taught contemporary mixed media and multidisciplinary artist whose love for life and desire to create have found expression in various artistic mediums. His artistic milieu spans the worlds of mosaic mural art, street art and abstract expressionist art, showing uncommon mastery of sculpting, painting and stenciling techniques.

Born in 1974 to Turkish immigrants in the German city of Duisburg, Ayhan spent his childhood and formative years in the Duisburg Ghetto of Marxloh. He later returned to Turkey with his family to pursue higher education, graduating from the Istanbul University in 2003 with a degree in Geological Engineering. Excited about the possibilities of working with marble and travertine which he encountered while in University and which have historically been used in mosaic work, Ayhan began creating his own artistic mosaic tiles. This would mark the beginning of his prolific career as a mosaic mural artist and the first phase of his evolution as a multidisciplinary artist. 


Ayhan rented his first studio in Famagusta, Cyprus, in 2003 and soon began creating mosaic artworks. He created his tiles by hand and with the aid of a machine which he customized to achieve the art nouveau style of his early mosaic creations. In 2006, he moved his studio from Cyprus to Istanbul where his skilled and innovative approach would over time, attract the attention of architects and interior designers in Turkey and beyond. Over the course of 11 years, as his style and technique evolved, Ayhan created more than 120 largescale mosaic mural artworks using marble, travertine, tile, and glass mosaics. 

Mosaic Mural, Diyarbakir, 2014.

Commissioned by private and corporate clients like Bacardi, Neckermann, and the Ethiopian Railway Corporation, his mosaic creations adorned the walls of residential apartments, luxury villas, public buildings, flagship stores and railway stations in various parts of the world. These mosaic murals, cut and laid in his signature freestyle technique, were instantly recognizable, earning him awards, honourable mentions and recognition at international art and architecture events. These include his colorful 100-meter serpentine mosaic in the metro station of Bursa, Turkey, which in 2016 received special recognition at the International Thessaloniki Art and Design Symposium. During that time, Ayhan was also credited with contributing to the resurgent popularity of mosaic murals in Istanbul and his artworks were regularly featured in Turkey’s leading interior décor magazines such as ‘Maison Française’.


In 2014, Ayhan experienced a major setback when he sustained intervertebral disc tears caused by the strains of working with heavy mosaic materials. He suffered severe lower back pain as a result and was forced to stop taking new commissions for mosaic murals artworks. Despite this challenge, his desire to create murals and evolve his art remained strong. Creating larger than life murals held a special attraction for Ayhan who found the sheer scale of his creations empowering. So, in this setback, he saw as an opportunity to explore new materials and processes for creating mural artworks. He started experimenting with creating stencil art using ultra-light Bristol cardboards and spray paints. This would mark the beginning of the second phase of his career as he perfected his stencil technique and street art style. 

Stencil Art, Jesteburg, Germany.

Between 2014 and 2017, Ayhan was commissioned to create more than 20 large stencil murals for locations such as the popular Container Hall in Izmir, Turkey. In 2017 however, his lower back pain worsened, and he was again forced to stop creating large murals. He turned to new experiments combining mosaic and stencil art techniques and created 12 small scale works which were exhibited at the 2017 Parallax Art Fair in London where they were well-received by viewers and visiting gallerists.


Ayhan closed his studio in Istanbul in 2017, entering a transition phase that would see the subject matter and technique of his art evolve yet again. He describes his experience during this transition as that of a chef who having cooked at five-star restaurants for many years, now had to cook for himself alone.

Street Artish Mosaic Work, Ayhan Keser, 2017.

He continued to experiment with combining mosaic and stencil art techniques, creating mosaics and canvases from used cardboard boxes which he colored with spray paint. In addition to being smaller in size, his creations during this time expressed his own ideas and perspective on the world, a great departure from the commissioned works which dominated the mosaic and stencil eras of his career. He also exhibited and sold a few of these experimental works which he considered primitive mosaic paintings. 


In 2019, Ayhan settled in Hamburg, Germany, where he teaches mosaic and stencil art at different schools in München, Hamburg and Harburg. He is also active in the local artist community and in 2021, he received the ‘Kultur Sommer Preis Landkreis Harburg‘ award for a work named ‘Climate Change’ which he designed and directed in collaboration with a group of artists in Jesteburg. 

However, these are side projects quite removed from the artist’s newfound sense of purpose and conviction. While transitioning away from largescale mural artworks, Ayhan learned of his Anatolian roots and the history behind his family’s emigration to Germany in the early 1900s. Researching his roots led him to a deeper sense of political and social consciousness which now finds expression in his art.  The awakening of his identity marked Ayhan’s evolution into an abstract expressionist artist. Today, his paintings consist of visual linguistic compositions incorporating a 26-letter symbolic script which he created and named ‘Aian’. 

Visual linguistic compositions, Hamburg, 2021.

Formed from the shards of broken mosaic fragments collected over the years, his ‘Aian’ script is a secret code which he uses to narrate the history and heritage of his people, expressing his hopes and fears free from intimidation and censorship in a style reminiscent of ancient Mesopotamian clay tablets. Painting on canvases formed from glued stacks of used envelopes and old newspapers, his latest collections, with titles such as ‘The 5 Wishes‘ and ‘Truth‘, are a form of historical memory where the stories and perspectives of the oppressed are safely preserved for posterity. By stepping boldly into the eminent role of advocate and truth teller, Ayhan has truly come into his own as an artist. 

Who We Are

We’re Art Studio Ayhan Keser in Jesteburg with an international practice in creating special mosaic designs and murals.

Custom made Bar mosaic design
Custom made Bar mosaic design, 2010.

Your Project partner

Since 2002, we have been serving architects, interior designers who design restaurants, bistros, bars and music clubs as well as individual home owners who want to put custom made mosaic designs on their walls or in their swimming pool, bathroom, garden or living area. We also serve architects working on large buildings like hotels, tunnels, subways. Subway or train stations.

Decorative wall mosaic tile art for spa
Decorative wall mosaic tile art for spa

We Speak Art

We speak German and English but most importantly we speak “art”. Art, is the language of colors and shapes and also shows different so to say pronunciation in different countries. Thus, we have managed to work on different wall mosaic and mural projects worldwide for you. In such cases, as an art studio, we focus on getting to know the culture rather than teaching our language of art to clients.

Custom made wall mosaic project for hotel
Custom made wall mosaic project for hotel


We are aware that not everything can be made into mosaic art, but we always show great respect to our customers’ ideas and focus on the customer’s idea in order to generate a %100 customer satisfaction. This is because we have a lot of experience in the last 20 years in different countries where we have been contracted for Wall Mosaics in Ethiopia, Baku, Iraq, Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, London, Hamburg, Jesteburg etc.

custom made wall mosaic of an angel
custom made wall mosaic of an angel

Our Business Vision – Goals

Our main goal is to remain as a small Mosaic and Mural Art Studio. This leads us to work on every single project, be it wall mosaic or mural, that comes to us as an order, in peace, joy and with great concentration. We do not strive to earn more money but we strive for happy project owners. We can hardly wait to see the shining eyes of our clients. Of course, we are visionaries in terms of new materials we could use in our projects, produced with the latest high-tech. We focus much more on bringing better visual details to your mosaic or mural project. Since we don’t have big financial expenses like big companies, we can afford to spend more time on your project.

Custom made Bar mosaic tile design
Custom made Bar mosaic tile design

Pure handmade

Projects that end up in our studio are created with pure handwork by experienced artists. Also Pixel Mosaic Art projects are created with pure handwork.

cutting multi-layers for stencil art project
cutting multi-layers for stencil art project

Art for Gallery Wall

Art for gallery and museums

Actually, the artist Ayhan Keser is known for the large wall mosaics but, many already know that he also creates artworks for for gallery wall and museums on the side. In the next pages, you can view his biography and art statement. Also some of his artworks can be found on this webpage. He has several collections as well as street artish mosaics he created from over sprayed glass mosaics and other collections he created from old cardboard.

Cardboard art for gallery wall by Ayhan Keser
Cardboard art for gallery wall by Ayhan Keser


Award 2021

Climate Change mural by Ayhan Keser wins Kultursommer Preis Landkreis Harburg 2021

Kultursommer Preis Landkreis Harburg 2021
Climate Change mural wins Kultursommer Preis wins Landkreis Harburg 2021